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Simple Example

This simple example shows off a few more details of dvd-slideshow.

  • Fades
  • Complex titles
  • Special characters
  • Background colors

# simple example with fades

# instead of specifying the background image on the command-line

# it's often easier to do it in this text file:

# background:duration:subtitle:image

# a duration of 0 means to set the image, but don't display it.


# Titles are put in the center:

title:5:My title

# The titlebar type of title has two titles, one on top and one lower:

titlebar:5:My top title:My lower title

# there are simple transitions that you can use:

# fadein, fadeout, and crossfade. They all fade to/from whatever

# background you're using. Syntax is:

# fadein:duration:subtitle

# you can add a subtitle during the transition, but it's optional

# use a backslash to escape a colon ':' in the subtitles.

# use '\n' to force a newline (only two subtitle lines supported now).

picture1.jpg:4:Picture 1 is so cool\:\nI can't believe how cool it really is.

# fadeout is similar:

# fadeout:duration:subtitle

fadeout:2:Fading out

# it's possible to specify a new title slide in the middle of the slideshow:

titlebar:4::Panoramas  # note this just has the bottom title specified.

# crossfade works similar to fadein/fadeout

# crossfade:duration:subtitle

pano.jpg:4:Cool panorama picture

# now let's change the background color:

# syntax is background:duration:subtitle:image

# where you can use "black" or "white" or "#RRGGBB

# as the image name also.


# or

picture1.jpg:4:Picture 1 is so cool.  I can't believe how cool it really is.

# it often looks nice to end the slideshow with a fadeout to the

# background instead of just stopping the video quickly:

background:2:This is the background

# note that the background is black now...