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Major Changes

  • No major changes in the functionality or support programs.
  • FLV is a standard option now
  • MP4 video is also possible

Known bugs

  • None at this time

Files 0.8.4

Sourceforge Download Page

Documentation 0.8.4

Programs User's Guides Sample Files


The following examples best explain how to create slideshows with the dvd-slideshow tools. They get progressively more complex, so if you are a beginner, it is best to start with the first one and go through each one in series. You can also download the examples below so you can try these at home.

Examples are installed into /opt/dvd-slideshow to conform to the linux standards base.

  • Very Simple: General syntax, title slides, displaying pictures, subtitles, and backgrounds.
  • Simple: Fades, more complex titles and backgrounds, and special characters.
  • Audio: Starting and stopping audio, multiple audio tracks, silence, and fades.
  • Complex: Setting variables, cropping images, kenburns effect, scroll effect.
  • 0.7.5: Shows changes up to version 0.7.5
  • 0.8.0: Shows changes up to version 0.8.0
  • Complete: Using dir2slideshow, dvd-menu, viewing .vob, creating and burning .iso.
  • dvd-menu: How to use dvd-menu in different ways

Changelog 0.8.4

DVD Slideshow package changelog: 0.8.4


'New Features:'

Improved encoding speed significantly. (thanks Gary Hunt!)

Use qscale VBR option in ffmpeg for flv and mp4 output instead of fixed bitrate.

Logo (-logo) works as general overlay (beta).

Added -threads $cores to ffmepg calls for speed improvement?

Added .ogg mode ( use -ogv ) (not working yet)

Added ipod output ( use -ipod ) (not working yet)

Add quiet output mode -q to reduce output

'Bug Fixes:'

Use soxi to determine length of .wav audio instead of sox (better compatibility?)

Fixed chroma subsampling bug when using -mpeg2enc option (cat terminated by signal 13)

New dvdauthor/spumux > 0.7.0 require explicit NTSC/PAL declaration

No audio added to .flv files when none is passed by default.

Changed default dvd audio bitrate from 192kbps to 256kbps

Enable subtitle_location_x (was not being passed before)

Fix audio duration for .avi files (untested) (thanks Guy Albertelli)

Fix hms2seconds to allow 0:08:05:345 (seconds and minutes like "08") (thanks Guy Albertelli)

Redirect wait errors to log file to reduce errors in long slideshows

Improved kenburns jitter.

Added unset CDPATH to full_path function call (thanks Bob!)

Fixed bug with old version of findutils < 4.2.5

Use du -b so it is independend of env variables (thanks kikoun)

Change sleep 1s to sleep 0.01s for faster machines

Add better help for missing applications and graphicsmagick

Allow escaped # in musictitle slides (use \# to print #)

Added fixes for .avi files (thanks Guy Albertelli)



Fix sox arguments to work with both old and new versions of sox.

Added "unset CDPATH to full_path function. (Thanks Bob!)

Add explicit PAL or NTSC in .xml files for dvdauthor 0.7.0

Add totem and VLC playback examples



Fixes for file counts and uppercase extensions (thanks Eric Baplue)

Allow reading of dvd-slideshowrc file to set variables (thanks Johan Kunnen)

Reads .avi files for dvd-slideshow (thanks Guy Albertelli)

Add -q (quiet mode) for less output on screen when calling from another script