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(Welcome to the dvd-slideshow wiki)
(Welcome to the dvd-slideshow wiki)
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== News ==
== News ==

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Welcome to the dvd-slideshow wiki

dvd-slideshow is a group of Linux commandline programs that creates a slideshow-style dvd from groups of pictures. Slideshow videos can be made from a directory or some online photo albums. You can add fancy effects like fades, titles, and the Ken Burns effect (slowly zooming and panning at the same time) along with audio to make your slideshows even nicer. There is also a script which generates a menu for your dvd (dvd-menu). The dvd-slideshow tools are open-source programs released under the GNU GPL.

Please edit, modify, and improve any of these pages! (except the front page- please e-mail me if you have suggestions).

Help! Lately it seems I don't have much time for dvd-slideshow, so I'll concentrate on fixing bugs and keeping the existing code working. If you wish to slowly take over the project, please contact me at scott @ dylewski.com


Dvd-slideshow flowchart simple.png
  • 12/04/2008: 0.8.2 released! See the changelog for the full list of changes. Some documentation, especially on this wiki, still needs to be updated.
  • Note: In 0.8.0, there is a known issue with newer versions of sox and ffmpeg requiring a different audio bitrate syntax which makes audio encoding fail. This is fixed in 0.8.2 and in the Subversion Repository code. Ubuntu/Debian users should just upgrade to the latest 0.8.2 version and also install libsox-fmt-all.

Features & Options

Filetypes Effects Transitions Output Other
  • jpeg
  • png
  • mp3
  • ogg
  • wav

Latest Documentation

Programs User's Guides Sample Files


Related Programs

Using dvd-slideshow Menu Creation Video Creation

Developer Resources

Or, checkout svn using "svn co https://dvd-slideshow.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/dvd-slideshow dvd-slideshow-svn"