Very Simple Example

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Very Simple Example

This very simple example shows off the very basics of dvd-slideshow.

  • Displaying images
  • Slide duration
  • Subtitles

# very simple example with no special effects

# blank lines and lines starting with '#' are ignored

# use "title" in the image field to create a title slide.

# title:duration:description

# The "description" string gets put on the title slide.

title:5:This is my title

# each picture gets put on a separate line. The format is:

# full_path_to_file.jpg:Duration:Subtitle

# duration is how long the picture will be visible in seconds.

# The Subtitle field is optional and can be left blank.

picture 1.jpg:4:Picture 1
pano.jpg:4:What a cool picture

# At any time in the slideshow, you can use special keywords:

# "background:2:subtitle:black" will insert a black background frame

# for 2 seconds

background:2:This is a black frame:black

# so this would work fine as well:

# background:2:This is a background image:background.jpg

# You can also use the "background" keyword to display the current

# background image (black or some passed image) for a given time:

background:2:This is the background