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(Listed in order of my preference for completion)

Name Description Menu Image Title Image Slide Image
Default Not really a theme, but contains all the default settings in a separate file Default theme menu.jpg Default theme title.jpg Default theme slide.jpg
Travel Antique map inspired. This will probably have several versions. Travel theme menu.jpg Travel theme title.jpg Travel theme slide.jpg
Wedding The obvious wedding theme Wedding theme menu.jpg Wedding theme title.jpg Wedding theme slide.jpg
Babypink (pinkish and lacey?) Babypink theme menu.jpg Babypink theme title.jpg Babypink theme slide.jpg
Babyblue (baby blue background and fonts?) Babyblue theme menu.jpg Babyblue theme title.jpg Babyblue theme slide.jpg
Movie (used only with dvd-menu for creating a menu for movies) File:Movie theme menu.jpg File:Movie theme title.jpg File:Movie theme slide.jpg
Dinner For pictures taken from a dinner party... Dinner theme menu.jpg Dinner theme title.jpg Dinner theme slide.jpg
Camping File:Camping theme menu.jpg File:Camping theme title.jpg File:Camping theme slide.jpg
Graduation File:Graduation theme menu.jpg File:Graduation theme title.jpg File:Graduation theme slide.jpg
Photo File:Photo theme menu.jpg File:Photo theme title.jpg File:Photo theme slide.jpg
Party File:Party theme menu.jpg File:Party theme title.jpg File:Party theme slide.jpg
Roadtrip File:Roadtrip theme menu.jpg File:Roadtrip theme title.jpg File:Roadtrip theme slide.jpg