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Major Changes

  • MPEG encoder changed to ffmpeg by default. User can use mpeg2enc by specifying -mpeg2enc on the commandline. We'll see if this works for everybody, and if not, change back to mpeg2enc, but ffmpeg is faster.
  • New Wipe transition
  • Effects (Fadein / Crossfade / Wipe / Fadeout) get applied on "top" of the images, so they do not add time to the slideshow now.
  • Themes are possible now
  • VCD and SVCD output available. Use -vcd or -svcd in dvd-slideshow or dvd-menu. This will probably require a decent amount of testing; I'm getting some random errors with the encoding at this point.

Known bugs

  • The crop function works incorrectly for large images
  • Missing include file will cause error instead of exit
  • AC3 audio encoding not working with more recent versions of ffmpeg

These are fixed in the Subversion Repository

Files 0.8.0

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Documentation 0.8.0

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Examples 0.8.0

Examples 0.8.0

Changelog 0.8.0

dvd-slideshow 0.8.0

New Features:

  • NOTE: The slideshow timings of fades will change with this version!
  • Fadein/Fadeout/Crossfade to/from kenburns/scroll effects works now: ( fades happen during movement of effect )
  • Default ffmpeg to no b frames.
  • Now using ffmpeg to encode video. Seems over 2x faster than mpeg2enc.
  • Add title and button information to .xml file automatically for dvd-menu use.
  • Allow multiple \n in titles (up to 4)
  • Added variables subtitle_color, subtitle_outline_color, and subtitle_location
  • Use variable subtitle_type=render to force subtitles to be rendered in frames.
  • Remove option for srt subtitles since we can force render them now.
  • Updated audio timing to be more accurate for long slideshows
  • Added kenburns syntax for crop,kb,crop duration
  • Kenburns has smooth start and end now.
  • Add option to sharpen images (-sharpen) with ImageMagicks unsharp mask.
  • .flv output [alpha] use -flv for now, but his might change
  • Specify output size other than default with -s 320x240 (alpha)
  • Added -border option to add space between image and edge of screen.
  • Added "wipe" transition between frames: wipe:duration:subtitle:[right|left] (soon up|down also)
  • mp4/aac audio is possible with faad
  • Fadein/Fadeout/Crossfade to/from kenburns/scroll effects works now: ( fades happen during movement of effect )
  • Adding .avi video inline is possible. See docs. [alpha]
  • Initial theme support [beta]
  • Widescreen (16:9) support using -w [alpha] Not tested yet.
  • Improved font variables.
  • kenburns effect is much smoother for slow effects in high-quality mode. (slower)Added -vcd and -svcd output options [beta] (lightly tested)
  • Inline audio processed as background job when specifiying -smp
  • Audio fadein and fadeout times can be specified in decimals like 0.250
  • Automatically sets smp option if the current kernel has "smp" in the name.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed kenburns coordinates when passing numbered coordinates.
  • Escape brackets in [:blank:] (thanks Christian Molière)
  • Fixed mismatch in kenburns coordinates due to non-square pixels. (thanks Tony Sauri)
  • Manual chapter markers fixed.
  • Fixed reading of $HOME/.dvd-slideshow/dvd-slideshowrc settings.
  • Single or double quotes allowed in variable settings.
  • Got rid of lsof debugging lines. No longer needed.
  • Fixed bug in seconds2ms that mishandled durations of 0.080 ms (thanks Eric)
  • Remove wc --chars calls for compatibility with FreeBSD
  • Remove seq calls for compatibility with FreeBSD
  • Add FreeBSD font path so fonts are found.

dvd-menu 0.8.0


  • Added 6image layout option. It can also read the title and icon from the .xml file output from dvd-slideshow. more testing is needed.
  • Added many more variables to control the layout of the menu also.
  • Added -vcd and -svcd modes. Works! tested -vcd a little.
  • Audio automatically fades in/out for 2 seconds
  • Reads variables correctly from ~/.dvd-slideshow/dvd-slideshowrc
  • Updated variables. See dvd-slideshowrc example file
  • Better control of fonts and variables.
  • Deletes temp directory when finished.
  • -nocleanup works
  • Reads -theme files
  • Added -fadein and -fadeout for menus.
  • Remove seq calls for compatibility with FreeBSD (Thanks David Mulcahy)
  • Remove wc --chars calls for compatibility with FreeBSD

dir2slideshow 0.8.0


  • Add audiobook option- looks for audio files and images & adds titles
  • Allow wipe effect as default between images -w duration
  • Allow decimals in crossfade duration.
  • Allow two different subtitles -s or -s2
  • Add random kenburns effect (-k)
  • Output file is copied to screen while running
  • Full paths are specified to images in output .txt file.
  • Start of themes being implemented. See theme documentation.
  • Add subtitle options to add path and/or filename. (Thanks Kenneth Weinert)
  • Add recursive directory search. -R and -r (Thanks Kenneth Weinert)
  • Removed seq calls for compatibility with FreeBSD