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Released March 09, 2006

Files 0.7.5

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Documentation 0.7.5

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Examples 0.7.5

The following examples best explain how to create slideshows with the dvd-slideshow tools. They get progressively more complex, so if you are a beginner, it is best to start with the first one and go through each one in series. You can also download the examples below so you can try these at home.

  • Very Simple: General syntax, title slides, displaying pictures, subtitles, and backgrounds.
  • Simple: Fades, more complex titles and backgrounds, and special characters.
  • Audio: Starting and stopping audio, multiple audio tracks, silence, and fades.
  • Complex: Setting variables, cropping images, kenburns effect, scroll effect.
  • 0.7.5: update later
  • Complete: Using dir2slideshow, dvd-menu, viewing .vob, creating and burning .iso.

Changelog 0.7.5

dvd-slideshow 0.7.5

New Features:

Use "\n" to force line breaks up to two lines in title text (not titlebar yet).

Fixed code to rotate images. (not that public yet)

Use image.jpg:duration:subtitle:[effect1:effect1_params:]rotate:angle

Configuration variables will be read in sequence now. So you can configure fontcolors and sizes throughout the input file.

Allow comments in all lines. Everything after <space># will be ignored.

Scroll effect is MUCH smoother for slow scrolls in high-quality mode! (takes 3x longer)

Slideshow name -n is optional now. Defaults to the base name of the input file.

Changed old "title" keyword to "titlebar:duration:toptitle:bottomtitle"

Added "title:duration:title_text" function where a single title is rendered in the middle of the screen.

Add check for missing subtitle syntax in crop/scroll/kenburns.

Longer progress bar.

Reads ~/.dvd-slideshowrc in a loop for better debugging and security.

Bug fixes:

Added "+repage" in convert lines after cropping when using internal .mpc image format.

( Fixes Kenburns and crop errors with ImageMagick > 6.2.2 )

Fixed kenburns problems with black backgrounds.

Fixed "geometry does not contain image" problem with kenburns effect.

Works for slide or transition duration > 35 seconds now.

Add quotes around yuv fifo to allow for spaces in output directory.

Fixed "squishing" when fading out or crossfading to a scroll effect.

Fixed problem where audio "fadein" was being rendered as a subtitle.

Traps bad duration=0 for images and effects.

dvd-menu 0.7.5

Allow embedded .png to keep transparency

Fix error message quotes when looking for XML file existing.

dir2slideshow 0.7.5

Allow spaces in filenames